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The ONLY 5 Lipsticks You’ll Ever Need

You probably own about 20 different lipstick colours if you’re like me. And they probably all fit into the 50 shades of nude or red category. The problem is, there are just too many shades these days, and it can get very overwhelming. Not to mention, you have to have some confidence to even give half of those deep purple or brown colours a go! But if you do like to splash on some colour occasionally, or even more often than not, I have come to realise that there are 5, just 5, colours that will see you through every occasion, season and makeup look. Before I list these 5 colours let me just talk about the product. I use M.A.C, because they have a great range, they are relatively cheap compared to your other large cosmetic brands, and if you pair them with the right lip liner (I’ll go into this next), then they will last all night. So I can just picture you cringing when I say lip liner. I used to be sceptical myself, of this seemingly ‘old person’ cosmetic produce. But I have come to realise that lipstick will ONLY stay flawless and intact, no matter WHAT BRAND YOU ARE USING, if you pair it with a liner. M.A.C have a matching liner for most of their shades (at least all the shades I’m about to talk about) and they cost around $30 each. So trust me, and don’t buy another lipstick unless you are committed to its lip lining counterpart as well!

And here they are:

NUDE – Myth by M.A.C $36 Perfect for those big nights out where it’s a legitimate struggle to maintain your perfect lipstick colour. It’s almost natural, but a little on the pale side, so this colour will also bring out your golden tan (if that’s the look you’re going for!). Also the go-to colour when you’re planning smouldering dark eyes or an overall bronzed goddess look.



RED – Russian Red by M.A.C $36 Every woman needs a staple red lipstick. This is a bold colour, but not so bold that it strays from normality. In other words, this red is totally acceptable at work, in a club or even for day time usage. This colour looks amazing if you’re wearing white or black or anything formal. My go to shade for black tie.

BURGENDY – Diva by M.A.C $36 LOVE this shade. I am always sure to get a compliment when I wear this baby. It’s dark, red wine dark. It’s sultry, and it gives you that instant look of a successful and confident lady. Again, it’s bold, and you’ll have to build up some confidence if you’re new to bright lipstick shades. But it will be worth it, once you get over the initial shock of how dramatic it is. Wear with dark colours; particularly amazing with navy attire and gold jewellery.

FUCHSIA – Lickable by M.A.C $36 Lickable is a pop of colour for your face! If you’re doing a more natural colour based eye look, this lip colour is perfect for something fun and feminine and just the accessory you need to complete a fabulous look. I will generally wear this colour when I am either wearing plain colours, or when I can incorporate the same bright pink colour into my outfit of the day/night. I always used to shy away from the fuchsia palette…until I met Lickable.

CORAL – Morange by M.A.C $36 Lastly, for your makeup collection, you need to invest in a coral shade. Corals are perfect for summery outfits, but the colour is not deep enough to look silly for everyday wear either. It’s kind of like owning a nude lipstick, that’s WAYYYYY more fun. Again, I like pairing coral with navy or bright outfits that blend well with this shade.

So if you can get yourself these 5 shades of lipstick, I guarantee you’ll never find yourself in need of a shade for a particular occasion. Unless it’s Halloween and you want black or white lips of course. Or purple…or green. You get me.


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  1. I love this post! I always get so overwhelmed by the range in MAC that I end up stressing out and not buying anything! Will definitely use this post to help me next time!


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