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The Importance of Eyebrows

The importance of eyebrows, and well maintained ones at that, is something I cannot stress more. I myself was guilty of eyebrow negligence until I hit the age of about 22. By negligence, I don’t mean waxing – most women have that under control (although if you don’t please get on to it, because that’s the most primitive step to great eyebrows).

Now picture this; you’ve lathered on your moisturiser, primer, foundation, powder and bronzer. You have slicked winged liner like a goddess. In other words, your makeup looks fab. So you leave the house feeling great and ready for a night out. But hang on…you didn’t touch your eyebrows. So despite applying about 5 different products to your skin, you haven’t touched your brows…

Unless you have the most gorgeous, thick, dark eyebrows a girl could have, your poor unattended eyebrows can’t possibly look their best with all that other gunk on your face. Am I painting a picture yet? Here’s some celebs with and without their eyebrows – which is essentially what you end up looking like when you plaster your face with makeup and don’t sculpt the brows.

brows before after

What a difference huh? So how does one achieve this magical transformation? It’s super easy and I’ve got 2 amazing products that I swear by. I’ve basically force fed these two products on to my mum, sister, best friends; even my grandma has jumped on the bandwagon of these beauties.

Eyebrow miracle product ONE

Browzings kit by Benefit $52 (available at most Myer stores)

This kit comes in light or dark. I use the light, and it is still relatively dark, so if you’re a blond or light to medium brunette – go for the light. For dark brunettes to black hair, choose the dark kit. This product is my number ONE beauty product. It’s actually replaced mascara in my eyes. The first time you use it, you’ll probably think that your brows look way too dark, but it’s just an initial shock factor which you will get over extremely quickly. This kit will also last you between 12-18 months, so it’s very cost effective.

Eyebrow miracle product TWO

Gimme Brow by Benefit $36 (available at most Myer stores)

The Gimme Brow product is not as essential as the Browzings kit, so if you’re on a budget, please just invest in Browzings. The reason I love to use Gimme Brow’s in addition, is because it’s like a fibre mascara for your brows, giving them volume and also acting as a sculpting brush to neatly place each brow hair.

If you feel like you’re in dire straits when it comes to your brow game, you may want to get them professionally sculpted before you begin using these products. If you’re based in Melbourne, book in to see Theodora at Theodora’s Beauty Boutique, who specialises in creating the most dramatic and sexy brows. She’s based in Hawthorn and Doncaster – check out her Instagram @theodorasbeautyboutique

I guarantee, if you’re not looking after your brows right now, this article will change your life.


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