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False Eyelashes: Making Them Work For You

Many women shy away from false eyelashes because they’re delicate and tricky to apply. But if you can master the application of falsies (it’s actually not that hard) then you’ll soon learn that false eyelashes make the perfect, yet subtle, enhancement to your overall makeup look.

Finding the right style of false lashes is the first trick – you don’t want to look like you’re dressing for the Mardi Gras (well generally that’s the case anyway!). You want to go for a set that are not too thick or long – we like the natural yet glamorous look. I have a few favourites that I use, depending on my look/the occasion.

For the understated lash enhancement (and for beginners) always go for the ¾ or ½ false eyelash. Not only do they look inconspicuous – yet effective – but they are really easy to apply. My pick is Ardell’s Accent variety.half falsiesFor fuller, longer looking lashes, when you’re going for darker, more accentuated makeup I like to use Eyelure Naturalites Natural Texture.

full falsies

Remember, false lashes can be used more than once, so don’t throw them in the bin the second you get home from a night out. If you look after your lashes, you should be able to get up to 5 wears out of them.

For glue, I use Duo which you can pick up from M.A.C counters and many chemists as well. It comes in a dry clear variety or dry black. A tube of Duo eyelash glue will last you 5 years plus.


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