Month: December 2014

Reflections And Goals

2014 was a big year for me. I began the year living in Sydney, started a new job (which was a considerable step up), flew between Sydney and Melbourne way too many times, had my heart broken, met some amazing people in Sydney, moved back to Melbourne and here we are again preparing for another New Year’s Eve. It’s no surprise that I am quite exhausted and not quite content with the 2 weeks Christmas shut down from work. During 2014, I was pleased to confirm that I have some of the most amazing friends in my life, my family are always there and my dog is still my favourite creature on the planet. I also learnt a lot about myself; I am a control freak when it comes to my own life, I am loyal, probably more forgiving than I should be, I have a serious shopping/fashion addiction and that I need to practice the art of ‘relaxing’ because I have not yet been able to master that. I also became very self-sufficient an …


Diner en Blanc Is Coming To Melbourne

For 25 years, although the tradition was born in Paris, cities all over the world host an annual dinner unlike any other. The location is kept a secret, despite hundreds, if not thousands, of invitees preparing themselves for an eloquent and elaborate evening of fine food, champagne and entertainment. Attendees embark on a journey to the top secret location, from all over the given city, and it is only upon arrival that the whereabouts of each Diner en Blanc (DeB) is revealed. (pictured above: Diner en Blanc, Paris 2014) Sound exciting? If you’re like me and enjoy your food and drink as much as your fashion and sharing a special occasion with friends, then the inaugural Diner en Blanc Melbourne is an event not to be missed. I am extremely excited to be getting involved with DeB Melbourne and hope many fellow Melbournian’s will join in this exclusive celebration. As the name suggests, the theme is always white. Both women and men must be dressed in white, appropriately of course and strictly white wine and …


Products That Nail It And Why I Won’t Buy O.P.I

Having well looked after nails is becoming as chronic and important as the icing on the cake. Honestly, if my nails are not ‘did’ for an event/outing of significance then I feel like I am missing an important element to my overall appearance. I also choose my nail colour in advance to make sure it’s appropriate for my choice of attire and I make sure my nails are painted at the prime time so they look fresh for the outing, but have had sufficient drying time. The ability of a nail polish to dry efficiently and sleekly is everything when it comes to choosing a particular product. The number of times I have painted my nails hours before bed and still woken up to smudged, dented nails is too many for me to be wasting any more time on those less than adequate shades again. So, when picking the right colour, you also want to know that the brand can be trusted to do a good job. No one has time to a) be waiting around …