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Products That Nail It And Why I Won’t Buy O.P.I

Having well looked after nails is becoming as chronic and important as the icing on the cake. Honestly, if my nails are not ‘did’ for an event/outing of significance then I feel like I am missing an important element to my overall appearance. I also choose my nail colour in advance to make sure it’s appropriate for my choice of attire and I make sure my nails are painted at the prime time so they look fresh for the outing, but have had sufficient drying time.

The ability of a nail polish to dry efficiently and sleekly is everything when it comes to choosing a particular product. The number of times I have painted my nails hours before bed and still woken up to smudged, dented nails is too many for me to be wasting any more time on those less than adequate shades again. So, when picking the right colour, you also want to know that the brand can be trusted to do a good job. No one has time to a) be waiting around 5 hours for their nails to dry or b) having to stroke on 3-4 coats of vanish because it’s thin and diluted shit (excuse my French).

So to save you the anguish that I have endured in finding some top notch nail polish products I am writing this blog post. Now every girl who is considering a new colour for whatever reason; new outfit, special occasion, wedding etc. etc., probably has automatic product recall for O.P.I. And why not? They are, without doubt, the nail polish empire of our time, boasting hundreds of different shades and finishes. The brand itself is valuable and considered the pioneer of high end or premium nail vanish. However, I have never, ever, in my time, come across an O.P.I shade that actually dried properly, lasted more than a few months (without cracking and drying up in the bottle) or looked solid without at least 3 coats. So I quit buying these, small fortune of a bottle, nail polishes a long time ago. I was fed up.

Since then, I’ve never looked back. I’ve found some equally if not worse products out there, but I’ve also come across some awesome brands that I will talk about now.

If You’re On A Budget:

When you’re in desperate need of a one-off shade you know you’ll never wear again after this one occasion OR you don’t want to splash cash on nail polish, my pick would be Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Colour. This stuff dries like a dream and you generally need only 1-2 coats to obtain the desired effects. You’ll only need to fork out around $7.95 for this range.

60SecondNailPolish_PRODUCT_04Getting An Affordable Salon Effect:

I love that gel look, but these days I stray far from Shellac or Gel/Acrylic nail treatments because I find when I remove them, my nails are brittle and break for months before they recover back to health. So, again, Rimmel make this awesome product – Salon Pro Nail Enamel, $8.95  – that gives you a lycra finish. This one takes a little longer than the 60 seconds line of vanishes, but you won’t be waiting an hour that’s for sure!

salon pro rimmelThe Absolute Winner For Quality:

For your staple colours (mine are red, nude and a slate colour) that you will actually finish – how many unfinished nail polishes do we gals throw out? A lot – I say invest in something really superior that will give you a great result every time as well as dry effortlessly. My pick, every time, is the nail polish range by Chanel. Each bottle will cost you $38, but not only will you get good life out of this product, but it is the best out there. It goes on so easily and dries miraculously fast.

So take what you want from this post, but if you only take one piece of knowledge, take away that O.P.I is not worth your $20 per bottle.


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