Month: April 2015

Day Time/Natural Makeup That Won’t Scream OOT

Okay so finding the right balance between a natural look and then too much makeup for broad daylight can be troublesome to say the least. I’m talking makeup that is suitable for casual brunch catch ups, trips to the shops and sneaky afternoon drinks. Nothing feels or looks worse than girls who pound on layers of makeup when the sun is shining and exposing all those unblended and patchy areas of foundation, not to mention that false eyelashes for a day time activity is a big no-no! I can sum this ideal balance up for you in three words; base, brows and lashes (all real of course). If you can get these three elements right then you’re well on your way to perfecting day time/natural looking makeup. But here’s my ritual outlined with all the products I use: Step 1: Prepping the oven (skin) So I would HOPE that you’ve all moisturised already! If not, this is step one every day, even when you’re not applying makeup. I use Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme. Next you’ll want …

Greetings from Vietnam!

As I type this, I’m sitting in the Siagon Plaza Sofitel hotel enjoying my morning coffee and breakfast. I’ve been in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for the past week for work, but luckily for me I have also had a few days of leisure. I’ll be heading home to Melbourne tomorrow. I cannot even fathom that it’s April already. My last post was almost four months ago – that is not okay! Despite posting most of my content on Instagram (@margotmoore), I’m going to commit to at least one blog post a fortnight. One may sound like a relatively pathetic commitment, but it’s a genuine struggle for me to find the time to write a good piece in between work and university plus ‘life’ itself. But that’s my commitment for now!  I’m looking forward to sharing many more products, food adventures and personal stories with you.