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Day Time/Natural Makeup That Won’t Scream OOT

Okay so finding the right balance between a natural look and then too much makeup for broad daylight can be troublesome to say the least. I’m talking makeup that is suitable for casual brunch catch ups, trips to the shops and sneaky afternoon drinks. Nothing feels or looks worse than girls who pound on layers of makeup when the sun is shining and exposing all those unblended and patchy areas of foundation, not to mention that false eyelashes for a day time activity is a big no-no!

I can sum this ideal balance up for you in three words; base, brows and lashes (all real of course). If you can get these three elements right then you’re well on your way to perfecting day time/natural looking makeup. But here’s my ritual outlined with all the products I use:

Step 1: Prepping the oven (skin)

So I would HOPE that you’ve all moisturised already! If not, this is step one every day, even when you’re not applying makeup. I use Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme. Next you’ll want to use a good primer to create the perfect smooth canvas. At the moment I am absolutely loving this Lancome primer. And lastly, using a BB cream with an SPF will not only even out the skin tone but also protect your skin from harsh UV rays. My favourite is Lancome UV Expert.

Step 2: All about the base

After step one, your skin will already be looking pretty damn good, but now we need some solid coverage/colour. For day time, however, a thick foundation is not going to do you any justice in attempting to look au naturale. I’ve mentioned in my previous post (here) that I have two ‘go to’ foundations, one with a very light coverage and the other with a heavier coverage. For the purposes of this post we’re only using the lighter foundation, my MAC Face & Body Foundation in C4. Apply with an airbrush foundation brush to get a nice and even, yet not too thick, application.

Step 3: Powder and a hint of bronze/blush

After you’ve applied foundation we want to use powder to seal the foundation. I use the word seal, because unlike when you’re applying powder for night time makeup, we’re not looking to get extra coverage. We simply want to give a long lasting and even effect. The best powder I’ve come across for a natural finish is Napoleon Camera Finish. Finally while we’re on the topic of powders, give your cheeks a little kick with a subtle highlight of either your favourite bronzer or blush. Again, please keep it subtle.

Step 4: Brows baby (my favourite)

You know how much of an advocate I am for well-maintained brows! Brows are the most important element of the face believe it or not. Without creating a look that is too thick or dark (again it’s day time make up guys!), apply your favourite brow product. For more on brows and to see what products I use check out my post here.

Step 5: Lashes for days

Now don’t go getting ahead of yourself, we are NOT applying falsies for this look. But you will need a lash curler and good quality mascara. To achieve the best curl, heat your lash curler by blowing a hot hair dryer over the curler for 10 seconds. Once you’ve pumped your lashes, apply two coats to each eye of mascara. No need to use eye liner.

And so we’re done. These steps shouldn’t take you any more than 10-15 minutes so it’s nice and easy when you’re rushing around on the weekend or before work.




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