Month: May 2015

New Kids On The Block: Brunch Spots

Not a week goes by that I don’t venture out into the burbs’ to get my breakfast/brunch fix. I live for those weekend days that I get to catch up with friends and eat good food and drink good coffee. Isn’t that what life is about? Melbourne IS the café capital of Australia (even if I do say so myself. But it is okay) and competition is getting intense with new spots popping up every weekend, or so it seems! Of course I take it upon myself to try each and every one – that’s right, taking one for the team guys! Here are my top three recent discoveries. ONE: Walk Don’t Run, 17 Morey Street, Armadale  For those who know me, you will be well versed in my obsession with Merchants Guild – a café in Melbourne’s Bentleigh East area. I’m still yet to find a breakfast, brunch or lunch spot that satiates my cravings the way Merchants does. I love everything about it; the vibe, the coffee, the food and the service. So, …