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Kelapa Skincare

So I know I’ve written a post previously about a good routine skin care regime, but I acknowledge that the products were very expensive. Obviously that lifestyle is not maintainable for everyone (including myself at times) so I wanted to share a new range that has kept my skin clear and soft and won’t break the bank.

Again, I want to reiterate how important skin care is for women (and men). Why? Our face is the most exposed part of our bodies, exposed to wind, sun, dust and dirt; all day, every day. The facial visage is where you’ll first start to notice signs of aging. Wrinkles anyone? I’ve been brought up by a mother and grandmother, who have indoctrinated good skin care into my mind from a young age, and I’m so grateful for that – god bless those who genuinely mistake me for being ‘around’ 20 years old! I’ve also been blessed with naturally clear skin, so please don’t think that starting a skin care regime will transform you overnight. It won’t. And clear, healthy skin also has a lot to do with diet and water intake…A LOT. So if you have serious skin issues, I would assess this area first.

Okay, so let’s get into it. Right now, I am using the Kelapa range. It’s a certified organic skin care brand that incorporates the benefits of organic coconut oil and other natural wonders. They also offer hair and body products but for now let’s focus on the skin care. So, this is my current skin care routine:

  1. I will start the day using my Kelapa Face Moisturiser with SPF 15+ ($29.95); it’s a great product that goes on underneath makeup.
  2. After a day of makeup, sweat and tears (just kidding no tears, but it sounded better), I will always cleanse my face using the Cream Face Cleaner ($29.95). It’s also great for removing eye makeup and doesn’t sting the eyes.
  3. Once a week, I’ll follow the cleansing with the Kelapa Gentle Facial Exfoliant ($29.95), making sure I use small circular movements and don’t rub too hard! You always need to be gentle with your facial skin.
  4. Before bed, I will use the Night Cream ($39.95). It’s an extra creamy lotion and feels so nice on the skin and I wake up with soft, silky skin ready to start the day again.

I can’t stress enough, how important it is to clean, hydrate and protect your skin. If you’re also interested in organic and Australian made products I would definitely check out the Kelapa range.


Follow Kelapa on Instagram @kelapaorganics or visit their website here

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