Month: January 2016

Get Healthy Hair with Davroe for Summer

So I’m a firm believer that maintaining healthy hair makes you feel and look better. Naturally, my hair is a rare colour of auburn – so basically a shade of red. Yes I’m a red head! I love my natural hair colour because it suits my complexion, and it’s very unique. However I’ve also experimented with countless shades; black, blonde, dark brown, red-red, deep purple (yeah don’t ask…). Anyway, recently, I made the decision to give blonde another go. My previous experience with becoming a blonde was a disaster, so I was very nervous about it. This time round, I LOVE my colour, and intend on staying this way for a while, so it’s been really important for me to look after the health of my hair with the help of quality products.  I’m finding that using the Davroe range has helped my blonde colour stay nice and ashy (rather than becoming yellow) and the conditioning treatments help my hair to stay sleek and soft. Here’s a breakdown on what I’ve been using and why …