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Get Healthy Hair with Davroe for Summer

So I’m a firm believer that maintaining healthy hair makes you feel and look better. Naturally, my hair is a rare colour of auburn – so basically a shade of red. Yes I’m a red head! I love my natural hair colour because it suits my complexion, and it’s very unique. However I’ve also experimented with countless shades; black, blonde, dark brown, red-red, deep purple (yeah don’t ask…). Anyway, recently, I made the decision to give blonde another go.

My previous experience with becoming a blonde was a disaster, so I was very nervous about it. This time round, I LOVE my colour, and intend on staying this way for a while, so it’s been really important for me to look after the health of my hair with the help of quality products.  I’m finding that using the Davroe range has helped my blonde colour stay nice and ashy (rather than becoming yellow) and the conditioning treatments help my hair to stay sleek and soft. Here’s a breakdown on what I’ve been using and why I love the Davroe range.

Shampoo: For my shampoo, I have been using the Blonde Senses Shampoo. It’s a purple base, which alleviates the tendency for coloured hair to turn brassy or yellow. Because I am naturally quite red, my roots can go quite orange, which doesn’t look great with blonde colour treatments! This baby also contains UV protect complex, to reduce fade and protect your hair during these warm summer months.

Treatment/Mask (wash out): I’ll usually use a wash out treatment once a week. I will most often wash my hair at work/gym and don’t have much time to wait 10-15 minutes to allow the treatment to work properly, so once a week (when I’ve got some time) is perfect and adequate to treat hair. My go to has been the Rebuilder protein based rinse out treatment. I leave it in a lot longer than it says on the tube, because my hair is quite damaged, and I find that if I’ve got the time, my hair will be super soft afterwards.

Conditioner: To compliment my shampoo routine, I also use the Blonde Senses Conditioner. Again, this product is purple, to assist in removing unwanted brassy tones, but with the added benefit of conditioning dry ends, which is a huge concern for my hair, which does split quite easily and goes a bit frizzy too.

Leave in conditioner: I HAVE to blow dry my hair, unless I intend on having an afro! Actually, my hair isn’t that bad, but I do find that my hair is ridiculously frizzy and super tricky to style, straighten and so on, if I don’t blow dry with a leave in conditioner or treatment. Ladies, if you’re blow drying your hair without product, I guarantee you will see much better results and sleeker hair if you start RIGHT NOW. I’ve been using the Davroe Luxe Leave in Masque to help me get that sleek and soft, frizz free blow wave at home.

The Davroe range is vegan friendly too, so if you are an avid vegan, I highly recommend you try the Davroe products for yourself. Oh and they also make a range for men, which my housemates tell me is the best hair products (moulds and wax) they have ever tried!

There’s something for everyone in the Davroe range, so check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


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