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The best sneakers for your all year round wardrobe

Recently, out of the woodwork’s, somewhere deep inside of me, it has become abundantly clear that I have a genuine love for casual footwear. I’m not necessarily referring to running shoes (that obsession emerged years ago and I’m now the proud owner of about 50 pairs of Nikes), I’m talking about casual shoes that are acceptable to be worn with jeans. I guess you would call this genre of shoe, sneakers.

I’ve also enlisted my mate Dan (self proclaimed shoe expert, who’s uni job was working at Windsor Smith) to give you his manly options for the men reading this. But we’ll get to Dan later…

So here’s a couple of my favourite options for sneakers for this season, to fit any budget.

Stylish sneakers on a budget

For the everyday sneaker, you definitely don’t want to be spending a great deal on shoes that will end up 50 shades of dirty. I absolutely love the Amber sneakers by Seed, that come in about 10 different colours and a range of textures. Amber Seed


They’re extremely comfortable, and slip on, which gives you back on average about 30 seconds back in your day – #winning. These babies will only set you back $59.95, and I may or may not have 3 pairs. I do.

Sport luxe sneakers

These are those great shoes that kind of look like you attempted to exercise, but you would never dare wearing these shoes because then they might get dirty! They’re the perfect shoe for when you’re doing absolutely nothing in your active wear on the weekend. You know, to brunch and other activities involving coffee.Nike Flyknits

I fell head over heels in love with the Nike Air Presto Flyknit ($240) range and bought myself these guys in bright orange, but truth be told I prefer them in white (I just owned too many white shoes already to justify buying another pair). Oh and these are unisex.



High tops: wardrobe winners

A trendy pair of high tops are always great to have in your wardrobe because you can tuck your jeans into them and look really great with high waisted jeans, long jumpers or coats. Sarcon Witchery

High tops kind of just give you that extra cool factor to your outfit and I think these grey Witchery Saxon high tops ($149.95) are very special – I am loving the colour for your winter wardrobe.




Metallics are trending hard

Metallics have had their time in the limelight for a couple of seasons, but the trend is definitely in the shoe department this season.

Kurt Geiger

You’ll be able to find a range a great metallic shades, namely silver, gold and rose gold, throughout the department stores this year. Kurt Geiger have a great range of metallic sneakers but my favorite are definitely the Lantern style ($200), because the laser cut detailing makes them feminine and a little bit more dressy so they are great one to add to your work wardrobe so you can feel comfy both physically and mentally for those that fear being under-dressed in the office!


The treat yo self sneakers

Last but certainly not least, the treat yo self sneaker. Sometimes, you see something that is really beautiful and pretty and it might be way out of your budget, but every now and then, it’s totally okay to splurge on nice things (internal justification for my excessive spending habits, check!).
Tom Ford High Toos

If you’re like me, and end up perusing online designer stores like Net-A-Porter, you’ll probably end up falling in love with similar items like these amazing Tom Ford high tops ($1,336). Definitely not a throw away purchase at that price, you’ll have these in your wardrobe for years.


What’s on my feet right now?

I recently bought these Saint Laurent high top sneakers and I love them because they’re really classic, and so easy to wear with all of my jeans. They’re strictly indoor shoes only though! I purchased these off Net-A-Porter.

Now…meet Dan

I’ve seen my fair share of skin cracking off heels, overgrown toenails and the varying degrees of foot odour that only those in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne would understand. Through it all, my passion for shoes never wavered. Here’s my top picks for men’s shoes; and which occasions they are good for.

The ‘can’t be bothered’

ConverseNo Northcote, Brunswick, Fitzroy or Thornbury look is complete without these staple shoes.
Comfortable, durable and available in a range of colours to suit your unique quirks, there is no easier shoe to pop on and get from A to B without getting your socks wet. Just don’t get me started on how to keep the white tips on the front clean.


Clue: Anything Suede

Remember when people invite you over to their house and tell you ‘not to bring a thing’ but in your head you’re going, ‘crap now I need to get something’ and you walk in with a box of Roses chocolates.
Well the suede shoe is for those occasions where the dress code is unclear and you don’t want to be the odd one out or seem like a fool. When the lovely sales lady or man offers you water protector spray with your suede, purchase it! A $10 investment to ensure your shoes aren’t ruined after their first wear. I really like the Columbus style ($79.99) from Betts.


Leather Shoes – Matthew Hayden & Justin Langer, Turk & JD, Batman & Robin. What do they all have in common? They are all great partners that compliment each other, just like a great pair of shoes compliment an impeccably balanced suit. Your traditional business shoes used to be lace-ups, we then went through the slip on phase and now we’re back to boots (reminiscent of primary school days).

windor smithWhatever leather style you chose make sure they are tightly polished and sport an undamaged, even heel. These Windsor Smith shoes are a great price ($169.95). Oh and in case you’re wondering, Matthew Hayden & Justin Langer are Australian cricketers.

I’m so active…Jokes

Nike Free Runs – There has been much debate over the reinstatement of capital punishment. What crimes is it acceptable for? Is it a solution? Does it stop certain behaviours? Well, in my mind it should be bought back for one crime, one crime only – wearing sports shoes with a suit. ReebokYou corporate people make me sick, wearing  a diligent tie, exquisite suit and then complementing them with a pair of Asics that belong on the tan running track. FFS, if you’re working in the CBD your office should be no more than 500m away given all the public transport around. You can survive a 500m walk in your finest leather shoes. And if you still have the nerve to make yourself look like a fool, wear something cool like black Nike free runs or Reebok pumps. Save yourself the embarrassment!

Until next time…

So there you have it everyone! The latest on sneakers for the women, and a simple guide to shoes for the men reading this. Hope you enjoyed it. I think I might have to collaborate with Dan again in the future. Stay tuned!


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