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Mother’s Day Shopping with OPENPAY

I feel like as with most special holidays (or Birthdays), Mother’s Day always creeps up on us and all of a sudden we need to pull together our funds so we can spoil out Mum’s – which is exactly what they deserve!

Little did I know, until recently, that Openpay lets you shop in stores and use interest free payment plans, so you won’t be out of pocket! And the best part is, is that you can use Openpay on not just clothes and shoes, but services as well. So you’ll be able to use it when you buy Mum a lovely spa package for Sunday.

Not only, is Openpay a fantastic was to be financially savvy, but you can even pay for your items directly from you phone using the Openpay app. So easy! So get shopping, and find your Mum the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Learn more and find all Openpay stores here.

Margot 7

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