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My Dr. Lanzer Experience and Taboo Beauty Treatments…

I recently visited Dr Lanzer’s clinic in Malvern for some pre-races pampering! With four races days, jam packed into just on week, all the drinking, makeup, fake tan and late nights really take their toll on the skin. So it was very important to get treatments done in the lead up, to ensure my skin stayed hydrated and clear. Dr Lanzer sparked my interest when he featured in a television series ‘Cosmetic Coffee’, where he takes patients through different treatments in each episode. I’m a massive fan on the popular US TV show ‘Botched’, so naturally, I got into Dr Lanzer’s ‘Cosmetic Coffee’ pretty quickly. You can watch all the episodes online here, and get to know Dr Lanzer as well as his lovely nurses on staff.


My skin, unedited, for Derby Day.

Dr Lanzer is very well known in Australia as a leading Cosmetic Surgeon, but also offers a range of beauty treatments. He also recently released his very own skin care range, D’Lumiere Esthetique <insert link>, specialising in anti-aging – something we can all relate to striving for! If you’re on the hunt for a new line of skin care, I highly recommend checking out the D’Lumiere Esthetique range. With a special formula that uses DNA enzymes to aid repair, I am pretty excited by the science and research that has gone into developing this range.


So what did Dr Lanzer do for me? Aside from the great range of microderms (I get these every four weeks, just an FYI), face peels and dermasweeps, Dr Lanzer also offers a range of cosmetic injectables. A very controversial subject for many. I know that many people will feel strong adverse to this subject, but I also know that there will be many people reading this that have either used anti-wrinkle products before, or who have seriously considered it.

The truth is, all those celebrities and icons that are revered by us all, for their ‘natural beauty’ and perfect complexions, all use these products. You’d probably be shocked to learn that more women AND men are using these products than you’d possibly ever imagine.

Products, such as botox and dysport, are quite frequently portrayed in society as products that severely alter appearances, are dangerous and emotion stripping. All of which I would argue portray extremely negative connotations and are based purely on the hyperbole of the misinformed.

In actual fact, anti-wrinkle injections don’t ‘alter’ appearances in the way you might think. Those awful before and after images of celebs and plastic surgeries gone wrong, regularly blame it on the botox. These portrayals of anti-wrinkle products are far from the truth.

So what DO anti-wrinkle products do, and how do they work? I’m going to break it down in a totally non-scientific way:

Anti-wrinkle products are essentially comprised of a poison that inhibits neurotransmitters. In other words, it stops the signal that tells your muscles to move. But don’t let the word ‘poison’ scare you off just yet. If you think about it, most products that we put into our bodies are poisonous if you have too much, and it’s exactly the same as products like botox. In fact, botox is one of the safest products on the market, due to the minimal levels of active substance within each dose.

Botox, and similar products, have been used in modern medicine to treat an array of ailments including; uncontrollable blinking, lazy eyes, profuse sweating, acne, migraines and of course, to relax wrinkles. By relaxing the muscles that cause key wrinkles areas – crows feet, forehead and jowls – we not only see the effects of smooth skin (and obviously prevents new wrinkles forming – yay!), but an added benefit is that the skin cells in the treated areas, are not being destroyed due to the presence of wrinkles (or consistent creasing of the skin). This in turn, allows skin cells to be constantly rejuvenated. In other words, clearer, healthier looking skin.

And whilst I agree, that using botox from a drastically early age is definitely questionable, I am a firm believer that using botox in specific areas when the need arises, can actually form part of a normal skin care routine. Ultimately, we live in a world that obsesses over skin care (and for good reason), with the primary concern being ageing. So why are anti-wrinkle injections treated as taboo, but it is totally acceptable to spend upward of $300 on the most technologically advanced skin cream? Both products are there to serve the same purpose.

Now that I’ve delved into the facts a little more closely, I wanted to share my experience with you, and hopefully answer some burning questions you may now have in relation to anti-wrinkle injections with a Q and A. I recently visited Dr. Lanzer’s clinic to receive anti-wrinkle injections. Here’s a breakdown on what happened…

Why did I want them?

I’ve read a lot about these treatments and to be honest, I’m curious to see the difference. If I told you I had deep lines on my face I’d be lying. I don’t. I have a few, very faint lines across my forehead, that would be unnoticeable to most, but to me, they’re the worst! I notice them in photos, and when I do my makeup, I notice them even more so. There’s one really stubborn line above my left eyebrow as well – that’s probably the one that bothers me most of all.

Where did I get them?

When I went to Dr Lanzer’s office, the nurse had a look at my areas of ‘concern’. The good thing about getting it done at my age, is that I can be proactive in having a preventative effect – rather than trying to fix something. So my forehead was the key area. I also told the nurse that I hated the dimples I get in my chin when I smile – I liken it to chin cellulite…lol. Anyway, apparently, you can use anti-wrinkle injections for that too. So we gave I also treated my chin, which would stop the chin cellulite!

How long did it take?

Not long at all! The nurse will place little white marks to help guide the needle spots, and then you are ready for action! I’d say all up it takes 15 minutes.

Does it hurt?

The needles used are tiny. Whilst I do have a good tolerance for pain, I can honestly say that it is not painful. The worst part was the chin area. If you are really worried about the pain, you can ask to be numbed with ice before hand.

How long does it take to recover?

Almost no time at all! There is no reaction or swelling involved with getting anti-wrinkle injections. Some people may experience slight redness or bruising but I did not experience either. I happily got on with my day. Unlike fillers, anti-wrinkle injections do not cause swelling or puffiness. You definitely cannot sneak off for a lunch break lip filling session with it going unnoticed, but with anti-wrinkle injections you’d be fine!

Are the results instantaneous?

Surprisingly not. I was under the impression that as soon as the product was administered, I’d be smooth as a baby’s bum. It actually took about 7 days before I noticed that I could no longer raise my eyebrows to create wrinkles in my forehead. After about 7-10 days, my skin was extremely smooth, looking refreshed.

Can I move my face?

Yes, obviously! The idea that botox makes your face stiff is silly. I’m sure that if you were to overdo it, then yes, you’d probably be unable to show emotion, but for subtle treatments, your face remains your face.  My face looks exactly the same as usual, just a little smoother, and I have definitely noticed the difference when putting makeup on.

The end result?

I am super, super happy with the end result. My skin is looking extremely flawless and fresh. 3.

There’s no right or wrong decision to be made when it comes to dabbling in anti-wrinkle injections. It’s a decision that should be made by the individual. But both women and men, should not have to fear the societal rejection that is often associated with using products like botox. With further information on the topic, and the more research I have done, it appears that using these products is actually quite innocent, and extremely common!

So I hope you can take away, from this, a better understanding, even appreciation, for these common, yet taboo treatments. It’s definitely not a treatment that I would suggest every man and their dog go out and invest in, but if there’s something that causes you worry or you are self conscious about – why is it a negative thing if you can reduce that? Maybe I’ve even convinced you to give them a go?

You can catch up on Cosmetic Coffee episodes here.


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