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Listen Up: A Bit About Me

  Recently I caught up with James O’Connor who created the podcast series JocX. Each episode (and there are now over 50 eps!), James chats to individuals about their areas of expertise, personal achievements and beliefs around success and life in general. In my interview with James, we talk about my professional career, blogging and everything else in between. I also talk about what I do each day to make sure I’m always on top of things (not really, but I try!) and give some further insight into my life, both professional and personal. Give it a listen! I hope you enjoy it! Listen on iPhone Listen on Andriod

Greetings from Vietnam!

As I type this, I’m sitting in the Siagon Plaza Sofitel hotel enjoying my morning coffee and breakfast. I’ve been in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for the past week for work, but luckily for me I have also had a few days of leisure. I’ll be heading home to Melbourne tomorrow. I cannot even fathom that it’s April already. My last post was almost four months ago – that is not okay! Despite posting most of my content on Instagram (@margotmoore), I’m going to commit to at least one blog post a fortnight. One may sound like a relatively pathetic commitment, but it’s a genuine struggle for me to find the time to write a good piece in between work and university plus ‘life’ itself. But that’s my commitment for now!  I’m looking forward to sharing many more products, food adventures and personal stories with you.    

A Useful Guide: ‘Casual Friday’

The concept of ‘Casual Friday’ is office jargon that is usually undefined, which leaves employees (especially new to the workforce employees) feeling uncertain on the actual appropriateness of what ‘casual’ means to their respective employer. Here’s my guide to Casual Friday to help you defog the ambiguity of the common workplace tradition. Firstly, if you know you have external meetings, or important internal meetings ABORT Casual Friday! At the end of the day, as great as it is to tone down your wardrobe and feel comfortable, you are at work and it’s important to remain professional. So if the day’s schedule calls for it, best to keep it corporate. As a rule of thumb, I generally make sure one piece of my outfit is still quite corporate. For example, I might wear casual black pants, a t-shirt and then a blazer. Or, a pencil skirt with a t-shirt. But a super easy option is a neat casual dress with tights and boots (winter) or sandals with a thick heel/wedge (summer) – no more than 10cm …